Day 1 and I Messed Up

Blog Post created by Tyme.2.Kwit on Feb 12, 2017

So I messed up already. And I didn't have a cigarette.. I had six in a row! WTH??  I went onto facebook and saw a more politcal stuff that has been driving me nuts. And then I called my X.. who is no longer part of my quit support, lol, who sold me a half a pack of cigarettes for 10 dollars.  Ugh.

   How did I not realize this would be a HUGE trigger. IT ALWAYS stressed me out, but maybe since it's a new thing, this Presidency,is why I didn't do a mini quit with this, or find coping skills.

   I am going to use the ACE Model with this... AVOID, COPE and ESCAPE... I will just avoid FACEBOOK.. I will hang out here... I erased it from my phone, the app, and I told everyone on FB to just message me because I was going to be gone from there for at least a month. If I can't avoid the political stuff somehow I will try to cope with it with Deep Breathing?  If that doesn't work, I will just walk out.  I will escape.


At least I know it's a HUGE trigger now and what to do.  I was doing so good. I wasn't sad like usual, I wasn't really feeling like not being a smoker anymore was going to suck. I still don't. I can still do this. Just a rocky start.  I ran the rest of the half pack under the sink and and got rid of them .  slips