Day 1: Quit Day

Blog Post created by Twist on Mar 21, 2019

Today hasn't been as hard as I feared, partly because I got lucky enough to catch the flu yesterday and today I haven't even really wanted a cigarette.  I took some cough medicine though and now I'm feeling well enough that I'm wanting a cigarette now and it's really frustrating.  I don't feel irritable yet though, mostly just a little annoyed with myself for wanting a cigarette.  Every time I want one I sit here and think 'I don't need a cigarette, and I don't even really want one.'  And honestly it helps a little.  I'm certain that the cigarette I smoked before bed last night isn't the last one I'll ever smoke, but the longer I can go without a cigarette before I fall off the wagon, the easier it'll be to drop it once again.


The unfortunate thing about being sick is that I completely lack the energy to do the things that would distract me from having a cigarette like going for a walk or taking a drive out to the park with my dog.  I should have considered this while making my plans.  I think what I'm really missing right now is the putting something to my mouth.  My dad quit by chewing on cocktail straws.  Hmmm...


I started working on a project at my computer, which is one of my major triggers and boy can I feel my addiction rearing its ugly head.  I just need to keep telling it no.  Fortunately I didn't allow myself to keep any cigarettes around, so if I want a cig I have to break down and beg one from a roomie or go out and buy them and I don't want to do either of those things.  I also spent some time last night talking to my boyfriend about how he quit and I feel a little better about it, he's so supportive, I'm very lucky.