72 hours, 3 D. O. F. – Independence Day for Me and America

Blog Post created by TurboRose on Jul 4, 2017

Day 1 (Saturday Noon – Sunday Noon)

The triggers were minimal.  I spent most of the time binge watching.


Day 2 (Sunday Noon – Monday Noon)

I added more activity and trigger situations.  Dinner at my brother’s includes before, during and after dinner drinks.  I never smoked around my family so I have no immediate connection between drinking and smoking.  I would smoke once I was back at home.  I got home, the trigger was small and I was able to ride it out.


I went to the clinic to talk with the nurse practitioner who prescribed the Bupropion for smoking cessation.  I told her in the future she needs to suggest a quit program when she writes the prescription.  I had to find out about it myself. I only found out about a program because I was trying to find out how the medication was suppose to help me quit smoking.  I wound up educating her about the EXCommunity and other websites.  She was appreciative.


I do bookkeeping for a local farmer who smokes.  She doesn’t smoke indoors but she stepped outside when I was leaving and lit up.  I didn’t ask her not to smoke.  I rode it out.  I left there and went to get an estimate on some damage my car sustained.  The estimate was way higher than I expected.  Money issues are triggers.  I was able to ride it out.  I ate a whole lot of atomic balls.  My mouth was on fire and my tongue raw but I rode it out.


Day 3 (Monday Noon – Tuesday Noon)

The evening was tough. The village did fireworks and my dog is afraid of the noise.  He gets frantic and inconsolable.  His frustration frustrates me.  I ate more atomic balls.


Since my quit date, I’ve been feeling sleepy.  I don’t feel tired but I want to take a nap.  Tonight will be another tough night for my little sweetheart with the fireworks.  I’m having dinner at my brother’s again – paella, yummy!  I’m out of atomic balls. I hope the dollar store or drug store is open.