Fifty Days Quit

Blog Post created by Trust on Jul 27, 2018

When I signed into the site today I saw that I reached my 50 days quit. All I could think of all day is what will I write when it is two months for me.  When a thought of having a smoke I usually just do something else and before I know it I'm not thinking of smoking anymore.  If the thought persists I'll go outside and blow bubbles. This helps me breathe and gives me some stress relief. Usually a neighbor will see me and ask if I'm blowing bubbles. I laugh and tell them, yes it's fun. Then a blog popped up about Sandi4 50 day quit. I really enjoyed reading her blog and could relate to a lot of it. Like so many of us we have day to day struggles and we have learned that smoking doesn't make it go away or help in anyway. More power to all of us non-smokers!

Deb 50dof #trust