Goodbye to my Cigarettes

Blog Post created by Trisha76 on Oct 27, 2020

I spent a great deal of time yesterday reading old blogs and several stated you needed to say goodbye to your cigarettes and I agree.  But first I want to tell you that I have never read so many talented blogs from so many talented people on this web site. Wow you are impressive and it was better reading than most of my books.


I had tried to quit smoking 5 times about 17 years ago.  I had tried hypnosis twice, group educational classes at a university, patches, gum over a couple of years.  Every time at around 90 days I just decided I want to know what one taste like and of course it tasted terrible but within a very short time I was smoking full-time again! Never once understanding NOPE.  So when my husband got sick and I was taking care of him I was starting to see how isolated we were because of our smoking (how we could not smoke anywhere anymore - even at rest areas there are signs that say no smoking as you get out of your car! )

So on August 10, when a derecho at 90 miles came through 720miles of Iowa, my life instantly changed.  It was a war zone and we did not even have the worst of the winds as Eastern Iowa had winds over 100 miles an hour. On the 11th I woke up and I had no power and everything was so damaged that I just decided to quit smoking then and there. My husband had died on March 1 and I knew I was going to Quit smoking but I had never really set a date.  I also knew that quitting had to be a tremendous distractions from my very slow lifestyle and I needed that to quit.  Less time to dwell on the triggers.  The virus had kept me at home more and we weren’t playing bridge etc.   I also knew that I was never going to smoke again and have never really felt that way before.


I remember telling my neighbor that I was never going to go through these cravings again as I have not learned how to talk back to them yet.  But between the neighbors and the trucks and everybody working outside most of the day, I somehow got through those early days with all the activity. So I’m not gonna continue to rattle on but I’m saying goodbye to my cigarettes as I know I am never going to smoke another cigarette. I fully plan on leaving this earth smoke free as I came into it.


And of course I could not be able to do that without ex.  My Friends all gave up smoking 10 to 15 years ago and I was the only one who could not.  Now I have a whole bunch of new friends who totally understand what I’m going through. Believe me when I say it helps!