I think I am doing ok

Blog Post created by Trisha76 on Oct 11, 2020

Well I am at day 62.  I have given up all the nicotine replacements (gum) was the last to go  3 days ago.  I had really worried about the gum as I have a friend who quit 10 years ago but she still is chewing the gum! I did not want that to happen to me. So I started with patches and gum and gave up the patches over a month ago now as I really felt when I put them on that they made me want to smoke more. I know that sounds irrational but that’s how I felt.  The gum was harder but somebody on this website suggested that I start cutting it in half and then move to regular gum and I did that and it worked. Now I just have to stay with my daily “ I have the power “ as I still get little twinges but they aren’t bad and I just need to do something else and get my mind in a better place.


Stay in your day, you only have today, do not worry about tomorrow and gradually it starts adding up.