Marathon #2

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Oct 18, 2020

I was reminded today that I haven't dropped in here in awhile because Jon Deering- who I can't tag right now- was blasting cheers in my ears while I ran my second full Marathon today. I was reminded of many friends that I had made here virtually. And virtual does not mean unreal.


Today's race was especially challenging because  I had to plan my own course and work out water and race nutrition too. I also had to gather my own cheering squad! 


I came back on to realize that I had been tagged with a 500-day milestone. I didn't even realize that happened. I struggled with a lot of things still but smoking is not one of them.


I just wanted to pop on and say hey. I didn't forget you all and the support that you gave me. I did a lot of reflecting today and what kept coming up for me was the idea that we can do hard things. And those hard things don't have to be a marathon, they don't even have to be things that are physical. Sometimes the hard things are being kind when someone is not kind to you. It might be getting out of bed. It might be going to work. It might be not having that cigarette. Or taking that drink. struggles are real for everyone everyday and they don't have to compare to one another. Just remember whatever it is: you can do hard things.