Almost a year???

Blog Post created by TriGirl on May 26, 2020

I just realized the other day that sometime in the beginning of June will be my one year smoke free celebration!


I haven't been so active here lately, but really since we went to Distance Learning at school and started lockdown, I've been SO tired of the computer and the phone! 


Just like before lockdown, I keep myself busy. Right now, I offer virtual fitness classes for free Monday-Friday and I sew masks for a non-profit group called The Mask Squad of Somerset County. 

I've also been gardening-- my veggie garden is planted and set up with drip irrigation!

I'm participating in some virtual running challenges. I did a virtual half Sunday-- and I'm enrolled in a Turnpike Challenge (run the length of the NJ Turnpike) and the NYC Subway Challenge (run the length of all the subway lines)! I did my first virtual Ragnar the weekend before last and this weekend, I'm doing my first virtual Spartan!

Quarantine does not have me thinking about smoking. Well, maybe the occasional stressful moment...but I realize I have a MILLION other choices of things to do besides smoke. I won't be giving in. I won't be giving up. I've built a life I have no need to escape from-- actually, I had it all along. I just couldn't see it through the clouds of smoke.