You're Not Going Anywhere

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Mar 26, 2020

Well, Overachieving me is at it again. Since everything is cancelled, including all my upcoming RACES, I found myself in a strange place. I am a naturally busy individual. I get bored easily. Thank God I quit smoking because I learned that to keep the beast at bay-- and really, just for me to be happy-- I have to be active and involved in things.


So, school is closed. The gym is closed. My races are cancelled... And I have to stay home? I understood why and promised to do it and immediately looked for things to DO with my time.


I am doing the "Distance Learning" thing with elementary kids and OMG is that challenging!! But I'm finding ways to reach who I can in new, engaging ways. I started reading my 3rd and 4th graders Harry Potter via Google Meet! I make read aloud videos almost every day and found a million resources for my littles learning from home.


Then, I decided I was going to offer free, live workouts to my workout friends. MWF, I offer them at 3:15 on Facebook Live. Tuesday and Thursday 6pm via Zoom. If anyone is interested, I can give you the Zoom Link!!! Or direct you to Facebook.


THEN, I got involved in making masks for medical staff!! For real. Like on one side of my basement is my gym-- and the other side is my sewing room! I have people joining me for workouts and then messaging me for masks!!! I was the President of the Sewing Club in High School. It was kind of fun to get back into it. I haven't sewn for years. I'm getting pretty good at them now and much more efficient!


So I am busy, but that is good. I'm doing things that make me feel like I'm helping. And that is what drives me now over everything else. And smoking? Not even a thought now except that I'm glad I quit. Especially now.


Be safe, everyone. And find a way to be a helper. The world needs more of those right now.