Just keep swimming...

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Mar 5, 2020

Ah...The Swim. My Nemesis in every race. I say I'm going to train harder for it, and every year, I end up at 17 min/500 yds-- or panic in the ocean and barely make it out. I've never been pulled off a course, but I've never been proud of my performance either.

I decided I was going to spend LT Bucks ($ from referrals) and $$ I saved for a swim coach! 4 weeks in and I'm already noticeably stronger and more confident in the water. Today, we worked on flip turns! I'm excited to bring down my time in the water. I'm already around 2:15min/100yd. When I master flip turns, I know I will be at 2 min!!!! I am committed to practice and have it on the calendar twice a week. Wednesday, I have coach. Saturday, solo practice.

This Triathlon Season I will have been free for a year! I keep crushing goals and that keeps me going. I would never go back now. Life without smoking has so much more opportunity. Life without has so much more time in a day. 

Wherever you are in your journey, just keep swimming!