Exceeding Expectations

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jan 23, 2020

234 days clean. Part of my why was to see improvement in my athletic performance. Tonight, I blew my own mind!

My hubby got me a new Garmin watch for Christmas for better metrics on my runs. I started a half training program, this time I added a pretty tough time goal of under 2 hours. My best half so far was 2:07. But that was back when I was a smoker... Yeah, I know...

Anyway, I'm doing pace work I've never tried before. Tonight was Speed Repeats. Check THIS out:

That graph is spot on what I accomplished physically-- a perfect training with intervals in there under an 8 min mile!! My Garmin Coach is "highly confident" I can reach my goal.

I also officially signed up with a swim coach to work on that before tri season!! 

Quitting smoking was the Best Decision Ever!!!