You Get Out What You Put In

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Oct 3, 2019

I had many reasons to start this quit. 121 days later, I open EX to see those reasons front and center:


I'm quitting for...

$$$$$$ in the bank!! Also to increase my endurance and stamina for running, swimming and biking. To spend more time with family and friends. To be there for a long time for my kids. To truly deserve the respect I've earned as a motivator in fitness.


I wrote that 121 days ago. Four months. It seems like so long ago. It seems like yesterday. And YET, in four months, by sticking to NOPE and staying connected and honoring my quit, ALL of the things I listed up there ARE happening!

-My family DOES have more $$!

-My running has improved dramatically and I am about to run my first full marathon!

-I am more present with my family and friends.

-I have GIANT waitlists for my classes!

Stay committed. Stick with NOPE and stay connected here.