100 Days and 100 Monkeys

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Sep 12, 2019

So...the school year started and I'm settling in. A few panicky moments but nothing I couldn't handle! For my 100th day celebration, I had about 100 little monkeys play around in my room today. You have seen nothing until you have experienced twenty-something six-year-olds listen to a story. All the moving and wiggling and blurting out... I cannot summarize frustration more clearly and I am a pretty talented entertainer! Bring on "Flexible Seating", where the kids get seating "options" to help them focus. There are tall cushions, wobble seats, floor cushions or chair cushions:

We discussed how to properly sit on each item and how the goal of using these items is increased focus. I just want to repeat... It was discussed. How it went from there, I leave to your imagination!