Funk Day

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Sep 8, 2019

Every once in awhile, there seems to be a day I can call nothing but a Funk Day. I did my long run yesterday, so I would have this whole day to do nothing and enjoy it, but I wish I had saved it to fill the time. If I were still a smoker, I would have gone through A LOT today. Which begs the question, what IS this exactly? 


There is absolutely nothing wrong. My kids and I survived the first week back to school. I managed to do all the things I was supposed to and I think I did them well. I completed my longest run ever yesterday-- 18 miles. I made three trays of lasagna: one for my friend having a health issue, one for my fam, and one for my neighbor who just got home from the hospital. I went food shopping, made a healthy spaghetti squash recipe, sat down to work on my puzzle with a glass of wine and my heart is beating out of my chest!


Maybe I just don't know how to relax on my own. Maybe I'm not good at rest days. Maybe it's PMS. 


Interestingly, now that I wrote this I've calmed down. I recall now having a similar experience another day awhile ago and some of you said it sounded like an anxiety attack. There may be something to that. I think it involves not having a plan.