Blog Post created by TriGirl on Aug 26, 2019

Every year, my family takes a week at our home away from home in Garden City, SC. We rent an enormous house on the beach and split the bill. 9 adults, 4 kids + beach, pool and hot tub! I have some amazing things to note as this is the first time in a long time my husband and I have come down here as nonsmokers:

1. We have plenty of $$ for fun activities and have no stress about finances even though I don't get paid my teacher salary over the summer. We actually have all the bills paid on time this summer and will start the school year in the black! Enjoying vacation guilt-free is fantastic.

2. I ran 15 miles yesterday for my marathon training-- no problem!!

3. It took us way less time to drive here since we didn't have to keep stopping.

4. We're enjoying our time more, not worrying about when we can get away for a smoke break.

5. I have way more patience for the little tiny family dramas that are bound to make the occasional appearance with this many people together for a week.

If I'm not chiming in this week, I promise it's not because I slipped. Rather, it's because I'm enjoying my clean life and not even giving smoking another moment of my existence.