Train Wreck

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jul 15, 2019

My first class at LT was a Train Wreck!!! So much so that Zuul woke up. I didn't smoke. I am reflecting on what specifically was not great. There were great moments. But I was clearly not 5-star from beginning to end. The sound system was spotty. I fumbled with directions on a few occasions based on how the room was set up and I definitely picked some moves I wasn't ready to coach. Two balls completely deflated during use. As I walked to my manager's office with the balls, I thought how totally symbolic.

I am sure no one thought it was as bad as I did. Some even came up to me and said great class! But I know what LT expects and I can do better.

Writing this was helpful. I didn't need to smoke. I needed to think and that's what I just did. I didn't fail and "train wreck" is too dramatic for what actually happened. I will use the experience to improve. And I didn't need to smoke to calm down or figure that out. I just needed to time out and type!!!