Too Busy LIVING to Check In!!!

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jul 15, 2019

I was MIA from EX most of the weekend because I was too busy LIVING!! My new health club had Grand Opening weekend, we had family and friend plans, and in the middle of the chaos, my tired, old phone decided life was over. I didn't check in, but honestly, I didn't have can moment to THINK about smoking!! 

Here is an example of things that can happen when you LIVE instead of smoke:

What makes me happiest of all, without question, is how I now feel about myself. This is a post I created for Social Media about my new classes at Life Time:

I was able to PROUDLY post that, knowing that I am 100% what I claim to be. This is me. I thought smoking helped me be a more confident person in the world, but that was a lie. It actually made me doubt myself and held me back from opportunity. I am now living my new brand authentically. 

Oh yeah-- and I'm gonna CRUSH my previous times in the NJ State Tri on Saturday!!!

If you're on EX right now and reading this because you were thinking of picking up a death stick right now, I invite you to instead take a moment and picture yourself winning. What does that look like for you? What dreams did you stuff in the closet for later? It's time to open the door and find something to focus on to live for.