Foam Rollers and Weighted Blankets

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jun 30, 2019

Did I get your attention?  

26 DOF and I am discovering each and every day that I was throwing away tons of time doing something that hurts me when I could have been doing things that are simply wonderful!

One of the fears I had about quitting was: How will I keep my crazy under control without smoking??? Well, I am happy to report that after 3 weeks, I am completely convinced I am not and never was crazy. I, like all humans, suffer only from the stressors of daily living. And those stressors sometimes cause different uncomfortable emotions: anxiety, disappointment, anger, depression. None of those feelings are permanent or a result of bad wiring. They just are part of living. I'm learning other ways to deal with the uncomfortable emotions and am noticing that these moods are shorter lived without smoking!!!

Anxiety can be the most overwhelming emotion for me. I purchased a weighted blanket with my savings from being "clean". It has been a lifesaver! My husband hates it, but I find it very calming at night. (Same idea as the Thundershirt for dogs.) It's like being hugged while falling asleep. 

I've also found another HUGE benefit to being quit: I have more time to take care of me!!! After long runs or swims or classes, when I am feeling all tight and achy, I can take my time with my foam roller and really stretch everything that needs to be stretched! If you do it correctly, foam rolling is an art and requires time, patience, and a deep connection to your body. It's also AMAZING for recovery.

I love all the new things I'm trying. It's really like my eyes just opened. All this amazing was there all along. I just couldn't see it. I'm finally out of my own head. Its way better out here.