Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jun 24, 2019

I apologize in advance for how braggy this post is about to be, but I AM GOING TO SLAY NJ TRI THIS YEAR!!! I was so afraid of the swim portion. Each year, 500 meters KILLS me. It has taken me 17 minutes the past two years. Smoking is what made swimming so hard for me. I did over 500 m in the pool on Saturday in 14 minutes including rests. Today, I went with my friend for an ocean swim...

The first buoy looked really far. The second buoy looked impossible for me to get to and I almost turned around and was like no way. But, I did have a new wetsuit to try so I pushed against the tide to the first buoy. I floated there for a few minutes and once I recovered, I felt STRONG!!

I got to the top of the triangle, the furthest buoy!!! I floated again there and the swim master who  was on a paddle board asked if I was ok. (I had my goggles up and wasn't putting my face in the water and he said that was a sign of a newer open water swimmer.) I said I was more than ok-- I can't believe I got to this buoy!!! He said we never take enough credit for the things we accomplish. Why can't you believe it? You got here so clearly you were capable and I didn't have to take you onto my board... maybe it's time to start believing. Then he said, before you head back, just take a minute and look at where you are! 90% of the world will never experience what you are right now. I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN!!!! I never would have thought to swim that far ever if not for getting involved in triathlons. Tomorrow is officially 3 weeks smoke-free and I give that total credit for today's incredible and empowering experience. And who did that!?! ME.

Oh-- and total distance was about 650 m in 14 min with some of the swim against the tide. I'm only getting better and stronger. No way am I giving that up now!