Counting the Days

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jun 16, 2019

Over the past two weeks, I have been a faithful DOF counter. I check my stats to see how many cigarettes I avoided and calculate the savings in my head. Today, I woke up and realized I didn't even check yesterday-- and I didn't know what day I was on anymore!!! I think I'm over the hump.

I am a hugely competitive person and am extremely disciplined when it comes to things like training plans and weight loss goals. This is really not much different. There is a process. There is a plan and I'm committed to following it. The rules are very simple:

1. NOPE. (Not One Puff Ever) Never even one!!! There is no "let's just see" game here. One puff will bring Zuul (my nicotine monster) back to life. For now, he's tucked in and sleeping and I have zero desire to wake him. He's nothing but work!

2. Acknowledge cravings but choose something else to do. It's best if it's something I actually WANT to do. I'm having great success with a new puzzle, decaf tea, and working on learning new formats for my group exercise classes. (I can't believe I have TIME for all this!!!!)

3. Enjoy the freedom and authenticity of being a non-smoker! I'm running faster. My classes are easier. I don't have to hide or clean myself up before seeing people. I'm presenting my true self to the world.

Day 12 does seem early to have this mindset. I think it just means I was ready to embrace this change. I did my homework. I made a plan. And a backup plan. And another backup plan. I have more than enough support here. (You all are FANTASTIC!) 

What really was there to lose except chains?