What I couldn't see

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jun 9, 2019

I'm almost through Week 1-- and it's been an amazing learning experience. I've learned that I am way stronger than I thought. I learned that my monster, who I named Zuul, was way scarier in my mind than in reality. I've learned that I can relax and enjoy life more without smoking. I have more confidence and am learning that I am capable of handling challenges that come my way without a crutch.

What I couldn't see until today was HOW QUICKLY my body responded to eliminating that poison!!! First, I taught an exercise class-- and it was WAY EASIER than usual. (And I promise the level of the workout was the SAME.) Then, I came home and ran with my buddy, Tucker.  Now that it's hot, he can't handle long distance, so I did 4 miles with him, dropped him home, and did 4 more. Once you get over the adorable dog photo, check out my 8 mile avg pace from two weeks ago (with poison in me) vs. today (no poison for 5+ days)!