Too soon to quit Chantix?

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jun 5, 2019

It's only Day 2, but I am considering dropping the Chantix. It makes me feel disgusting while I should be feeling awesome. I know that it is supposed to interfere with receptors if you do smoke, but I am pretty sure I don't need that. I am fully embracing NOPE! I have no need to "test" to see if I'm really addicted. I know I am-- and I know just ONE will set the cycle up all over.

I think Chantix helped a lot while I was weaning, but I'm in a super good mental place right now. I worry a little that this is just Zuul in the back of my head making excuses to stop the medicine. He is very sneaky and has been known to develop elaborate schemes to get me to get him what he wants. I can tolerate the side effects, but I'm trying to ENJOY being a non-smoker-- and I know I'd feel even better without it. Thoughts?