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Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jun 4, 2019

I just realized why I used to spend so much time on Candy Crush and other games like it: Zuul liked it.

Zuul would say, "You can have one more if you play one more level!"

I'd chain smoke until I beat it, annoying other people on Facebook asking for lives-- and there he was again!!

 "You're on a roll! You can't stop now! And you still have a few left in this pack. You can smoke 'em all as long as you stop at QC on your way home from work tomorrow!"

I tried playing tonight, on my couch with my sleepy dog. (I took him for a run after our first appointment so he'd be extra snuggly later!) It was so stressful and NOT fun. 

At the same time, my 11 year old was whining about his homework-- and I mean full-on hissy fit! He couldn't find a quote to use from Hunger Games for something he had to write. I honestly believe he just wanted me to find it for him-- and BEFORE, I probably would have come to the rescue to save TIME to go outside. But I'm not doing that, so I guess I did the better thing-- totally ignored him until he came to his senses and found a damn quote. 

I'm pretty proud of myself. For the whole two hours I had at home before getting ready for bed, I was prepared for triggers and I was prepared to confront Zuul, but he didn't take over. He didn't even growl. I'm certainly not about to underestimate him, but today he was more of an annoying pest than a fearful monster. 

The moral of the story is that I'm about to make a whole lot of Facebook Friends happy by not sending any more game requests because I'm not doing anything to help Zuul. Words with Friends can stay, but Candy Crush? I'm afraid you don't actually make me happy and are really a waste of time. Very much like those Death Sticks I used to think I couldn't live without.