Craving Busters

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jun 4, 2019

I'm totally all Ghostbusters themed since naming my monster Zuul. It's almost 2 pm right now- and I've been fine-- but I'm ALWAYS fine at work. It's when I finally get home that I start twitching. Lucky for me today, I have quite a bit to do after work. My older son has an appointment at 3:45 and then another at 6. That makes for limited time home AT ALL until after 7. I know if I'm gonna hear from Zuul, it will be then. 

I'm prepared to ignore him. The plan is:

-Decaf tea

-TV and puppy snuggles

-Phone games on the coach and puppy snuggles

-Writing/Reading blogs here

-I broke out a puzzle! It's only 500 pieces so I ordered a larger one from Amazon so I remain totally occupied, relaxed and happy!