Cutting down- LOL

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jun 3, 2019

I'm almost done with the book and 0 day is tomorrow! The funniest part is I've been "cutting down" since last week. I just got to the chapter that explained why cutting down is stupid!! That actually makes me feel good about tomorrow. I've already had the cravings as bad as they can be for the past week, so not smoking to avoid them for the rest of my life seems like the perfect thing to do. Actually it's the only thing that makes sense!  

I'm ready! I spent yesterday prepping a whole lot of super healthy foods to eat this week. No binging on junk. I certainly don't need to trade one unhealthy thing for another. I made sweet potatoes in the instant pot to go with a salad, wilted spinach quinoa salad and cauliflower "grilled cheese" with provolone, and a vegetarian chili Mac n cheese. I've got plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. Decaf tea with lemon.  

This evening I'll finish reading, smoke my last, throw away all the paraphernalia, and shower that smell away!

(Please check in on me tomorrow!!!!)