Blog Post created by TriGirl on May 29, 2019

I'm on Day 2 of Chantix. I know you're supposed to give it a week before officially quitting, but if I can manage a day without now, I absolutely will. Both days, I've had way fewer smokes than I usually do. 

Has anyone else had instant nausea from Chantix? I took it after eating breakfast. Day 1 was fine, but this morning, as soon as it hit my stomach, I had a hot flash and really almost lost it! It passed quickly, but I was wondering if anyone else experienced something similar? I'm a little nervous to take it tomorrow!

I had a similar reaction the other day to nicotine  gum. I am wondering if it's just my brain trying to convince me to stop tricking it! I'm going to give it another few days but if I keep feeling sick, it's just going to have to come down to sheer will power.