So day 2

Blog Post created by Treehugger85 on Apr 12, 2017

So work's got me frustrated lol when doesn't it have me frustrated.......apparently a new client is opening woohooo so I did the opt in but oh no it's not that easy! They were supposed to send me username/password which I never got.  So I sent an email and hoping to get a word back before the deadline.


And speak of the devil I just got it back that it's been forwarded to the program manager lol wow so we'll see what she says.


Otherwise got my workout done at Planet Fitness and is it just me or after a workout, which doesn't even need to be all that sweaty and gross, you feel like conquering the world?  I didn't even think about a cigarette until I was done and got to my car, I usually smoked then but didn't. I just went along on my happy way.  I did 30 mins of cardio and a little tiny bit of strength training, really just trying to tone not build.  It's getting easier to deal with this stuff although I do have to say I'm more quiet.  I'm not as talkative as I was before with cigarettes, I think it comes down to I don't know what to say.  I'm not stimulated like I was.  I hope I get that back, us gemini's are usually always wanting to chit chat.


Anyway that's all I got to say today, I have work to get done.