So had to do a restart

Blog Post created by Treehugger85 on Apr 11, 2017

Yesterday, was probably the worst day so far in my life. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin, and the gym turned from okay to absolutely painful in 5 mins hell I had to quit walking because my calves just turned into a ball it felt like. Once it started radiating towards the front of my lower leg......I got issues so I stopped. I went to the weights instead and it felt fine.  One guy, I'll call him dr. google university, told me "Well it could be PAD!  Ya know peripheral arterial disease a kind of hardering of the lower leg arteries."  I told him HEY DUMBO IF I HAD PAD EVERY SINGLE TIME I WALKED IT WOULD START HURTING EVEN IN WALMART! NOT JUST ON A TREADMILL! I'll just chaulk it up to overtraining and maybe give that part of my body a break.  Maybe use the bike, instead of the calves it works your thighs. I hate people like that.

Of course work came and I had people screaming at me all day long, this never helps. Have you ever heard so much noise for so long your ears become sensitive? Like you have to get out of there sensitive?  Yep mine did, had to take off the headset for a while and go into well break code on the computer which is aux 3.   I did go about 9 hours without a cigarette and then finally I said forget it! 


I know non smokers have bad days too, the guy at the gas station said he's heard a lot about monday being the day of the 9 headed dog a lot last night. He couldn't explain it.I couldn't either until my husband pipped up and said, "You do know it's a full moon right?"  THIS EXPLAINS IT!


Well today is a new day, I feel much better actually and better enough to restart my quit.