Day 1 already testy

Blog Post created by Treehugger85 on Apr 10, 2017

So day 1 today is super testy.  I mean just already I'm annoyed, frustrated, wanting to scream! I hate these moods but I keep telling myself hang on just hang on we'll be going to the gym momentarily.  Otherwise, my clothes don't feel good on me today, I'm moody, miserable, and well everything I said already.


I do have to work today too which is going to be such a dang trial.....I have an extreme high stress job, I don't think there is 1 single person at all that doesn't smoke there.  We have an ole saying Come in a non smoker, leave a smoker for a reason.  It's been proven accurate.


I don't like the aging effects of smoking though or the more and more and more worry about cancer.  I have cancer in my family and am already almost sick as a dog.

I have pcos


high triglycerides

bipolar disorder

astigmatism which smoking isn't good for that either.


It really drags me down some times and last night I just couldn't for the life of me finish actual full cigarettes.  I found myself putting them out, half way down.  I said.......why smoke if you can't even smoke them all down anymore?  Thank goodness I still have some patches left.