Got To Do It!!

Blog Post created by Tracyglenn on May 8, 2020

I've got to get off my butt and get active I've noticed that laying around watching tv ALL day is just making my lungs weaker and when I get up for even a minute my heart rate jumps way up and my oxygen level drops in the 85 range and its my own fault because im scared i will have a bad panic attack when I try to do anything it terrifies me. I HAVE CUT MY VAPING PODS FROM 5.0 NICOTINE TO 2.4 so it's a start and i have a step counting watch and I started with 1000 steps a day and im now up to 3000 on good days. When I can get out and about im gonna try and go to a walking park here with my daughter and hopefully walk every other day there. And I pray it will get easier to breathe and i can maybe get off the oxygen thats what im aiming for once the vaping stops i know it will be much better anyway thats where im at as of now im just gonna keep trying...