And just like that…

Blog Post created by TomW5.15.17 on Oct 7, 2017

That’s a favorite saying in my household about how fleeting life is, and things in our lives can be.  I was looking at some of my old blogs, and realized I was blogging nearly daily for the first 4 months of my quit.  I desperately needed to do that to protect my quit.  Then I saw that it has been 12 days since I blogged.  Not so coincidentally, that is how long it’s been since I’ve had regular cravings.


When I first joined EX, I was following several people like gregp136  and dwwms  who were a couple months ahead of me, and I identified with them.  Then they got more comfortable with their quits, and blogged less and less.  I understood, but still felt a little letdown.  I vowed I would continue to blog daily no matter how my quit was going.   And then…. just like that….  the craves stopped, and so did my need to be on this site daily.


It is soooo nice not having to fight/ignore/deal with those cravings on a daily basis anymore.  I thought I would be so happy when this time finally came, but somehow, I’m feeling melancholy about it.  As awful as those first few months were, at least I had a purpose in life and something to be proud of.  Now I'm just not sure what to do with myself.


Weird huh?  Feeling wistful about those “good old days” of misery