2,500 days

Blog Post created by Todd24 on Nov 5, 2018

I got an email today where Mark mentioned me in a post.  It said I had been quit 2,500 days.  6.85 years.  Roughly 100,000 cigarettes not smoked.  $55,000.00 or more in money I would have paid to the tobacco companies. To be honest I had lost track and was trying to remember when it actually was when I had quit. 


Yes Ladies and Gents I am still smoke free.  The first 6 months were very much a struggle. But i can tell you this website was invaluable and the elders were a true help to me.  IT GETS BETTER The last 6 years has been a breeze.  You all can do it.  I smoked for almost 30 years and I had quit at least 100 times. On January 1, 2012 I quit for good, and have never looked back.      


So if anyone can find inspiration in what i have done or needs a word or two of encouragement, shoot me an email