A Good Day to Quit!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 1, 2020

I often thought that vacation days would be good for quitting - until vacation days came...

And then I thought work days are better - when I'm in my "normal" routine - until no day felt "normal"...

I hoped choosing a random day would work best - but I found them easy to relapse...


Then I was diagnosed with COPD and you know what? It didn't matter what day I quit but that I set a date and not back down! I chose the first day of Spring  3-20-10 for so many reasons:

- it was only 6 days fro my day of diagnosis (not too close or too far)

- it has special meaning for me (I hate Winter and love Spring!)

- it had to be permanent (I was done fooling myself!) A good date can be hard to sacrifice with a relapse.

- it followed my Son's Birthday (3/16) but didn't take the oxygen out of his celebration.

- it worked because I was not going to let myself down again!


So what's a good day to quit? How about Today? It will be filled with the meaning you give it!

Please share your quit date story with us...