We All Are Stressed

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Aug 11, 2020

But we no longer smoke over it! So how do we keep from running back to the sickerettes?


There are dozens of lists. I typed in destress and got this article among others:

10 Ways to De-stress Your Mind and Body 


I like to use mindfulness for my mind, exercise for my body, and prayer for my spirit. The more you do it the more you do it and the better they work. 


What I can never do anymore is smoke. I wouldn't even think of it and when I have -I simply rule out smoking and say, "Since I don't do that anymore, what can I do instead?" 


What can you do? Be ready with various answers. Find your answers when you feel good and be prepared for when you feel weak. We all have our favorite go-tos. When one doesn't seem to help we have Plan B, etc.


Nonsmokers never think about smoking. EXers can get to where they almost never think about smoking but more important they know that a thought is not a command and they get to choose rather be lead by the chains of addiction. But you have to have your go-tos ready to roll on a split moment"s notice.


Make your own destress list and live it! Smoke FREE!