Nobody Will Ever Know!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 27, 2019

One of the biggest Nico-Lies we tell ourselves. This lie causes so many relapses and "slips!" Yet, like all things we know runs against our most fundamental values this is a whopper!

First, take the sneaking away, the smell, the bad skin, yellow teeth and nails, the dark circles under the eyes - anybody who has quit for a few months, even weeks, let alone those who have never smoked - oh, yes, they will! Even your pets will know - and be damaged by second and/or third hand smoke!

Your body knows, even if it's "just one!" 

Smoking even a few cigarettes a day leads to accelerated lung damage, study finds | MinnPost 

Your lungs, heart, brain and DNA "know!"

Then there's your Higher Power - you know and I know that (s)he knows and that you know! That's the most important part of all!

That's a lot of leaky information!

Don't go there! Your mind, heart, soul, and loved ones will suffer if you do 

...and it's harder to recuperate after a relapse than to stay quit so take it one day, one minute, even one second at a time - just don't light up! There's no place to hide this vice!