An Attitude of Gratitude

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 3, 2019

Smoking Cessation challenges our very sense of self. We have wrapped so much of ourselves into that paper filled with dead leaves and poison. Unwrapping is more complicated than getting through the physical addiction. In fact, if you choose smart turkey (or cold turkey) in just 3 days the physical addiction has been broken. 


So why so many relapses after the physical withdrawal? Nicotine robbed us of the ability to experience natural dopamine. So we have to relearn the reward of dopamine from the little things in life: a clean home, a delicious meal, a sweet moment with the family, a hug and lick from the family dog, - all the little pleasures of life. 


I use the gratitude list. Here's the challenge.. keep a gratitude diary with 3 things you're grateful for today. There's only one trick - you can't use the same gratitude twice. Before long you come to appreciate the Earth below your feet and the air you breathe, the rain that washes the skies and the grass in your lawn. Stretch - stretch - stretch your gratitudes! There really are enough to go around day after day after day - black days as well as clear days! 


The more grateful we are, the more filled with Love of our Higher Power the more we absolutely conclude that Addiction Free Life is gloriously beautiful! We have the God given strength to live Life on Life's terms no matter what! We are blessed because we recognize our blessings. And out of that abundance we share these blessings with each and every person we touch. The World is a beautiful place to be no matter what our circumstances. 


Many blessings upon each of you! LLAP!