Self Soothing

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Aug 9, 2019

When I feel overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, depression, and recently anger, I have learned to self-sooth. I'm actually taking a class called dialectical behavior therapy to learn even more skills that will help me take control of my thoughts and feelings. 

Use your 5 Senses:

Name 5 things you see (perhaps all the color blue, for example.)

Name 4 things you hear

Name 3 things you touch

Name 2 things you smell

Name 1 things you taste


You can add a bright color. I have a little security blanket about 4 inches square that is bright purple.

You can add music.

You can add a token and stroke it

You can add essential oils to smell

You can add an altoid or clove or anything that is intensely tasteful.


I follow up with capturing the rest of this moment.

Worry and fear are generally about what might happen but right now is not happening.(Remember, it might not, also!)

Right now I am physically fine! My thoughts focus on this fact and relax and then my feelings calm.


This minute I'm just fine! ....And this minute....and this minute. Hey, I'm fine for now! Why ruin this moment with worries that might not happen? I know I will cross each bridge as I come to it - one at a time - not a flood of demands at once. 

My senses stop the flood. My mindfulness releases the waters. The flood becomes a trickle that I can decide to pay attention to when I have time - not now.


I choose a time I call my "worry time." I bring up the worst case scenario and then find alternatives to each one that are just as likely or doable. When the alarm goes off - the worry has to stop. With practice it works. 


Yesterday I had my toenail removed. Soothing helped me get through it! ICK! The skills you use will benefit you for a lifetime in many situations!

Smoking cessation is doable. It's worth it because you're worth it!