Brought to Tears

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Aug 3, 2019

When I feel that we're losing somebody in the struggle to gain smobriety and nicotine recovery I am brought to tears!

Here I sit on 24/7 oxygen (I should be at work but no dice!) I just finished my nebulizer treatment that takes 10 minutes out of my day every four hours. I took my steroids that are eating up my bones and making me so jittery I need more medicine just to be able to type this. I suffer every day from COPD Stage III knowing what waits for me is COPD Stage IV when III is bad enough! 

I have anxiety, depression and lifelong ptsd. I know about mental illness. If you search in the window above you will inevitably find my articles like this one:

25 YEARS! What a Waste!

I mourn the lost ones and trust in God that seeds are planted along the way!

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The water is my tears!