When Times Get Tough

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 1, 2019

...And, Yes, they will!

Come here and use your LifeLines! Yell, cuss (in a way that passes Admin), scream - even in caps, cry, whine, whatever it takes! Just do not beg, borrow, steal, or purchase a Sickerette! 

Necessity is the Mother of invention. You'll find a hundred, maybe even a thousand other ways to get through! You may pace, or knit, or clean, or climb into bed and sleep it off, or run, or, or, or .... but you will honor your decision to not smoke for any "reason", i.e. excuse!

I hear the excuses already - my cat died, I lost my job, I can't pay my rent, my mom and/or dad and/or children are sick - You see, there is nothing whatsoever that is going on in your Life that doesn't happen to nonsmokers and EX-smokers which means - not a good enough excuse!

Guess what? When you slam that door behind you, lock it with a key and throw the key away it's easier! The crazy mind games get bored and just stop! The addiction comes to terms with the fact that you mean absolute business and all kinds of possibilities for living a wonderful Life open up!

So it's up to you - easy or difficult? It's all in your Quititude!

I chose easier! You can, too!


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