Drugs Alone Won't Quit For You!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 21, 2017

Yet another study confirms what we say over and over again here. NRTs, Chantix. and Bupropion will not work if you don't work your Recovery! It's like asking a Heroin Addict if he quit with Suboxone. 

If you decide with your Doctor to use these quit smoking tools, Great! But you and you alone can Quit Smoking and not with Willpower! 

BecomeanEX and BecomeanEX Community have very specific, doable, proven methods that will show you how to change your behaviors so you can Succeed. Read, read, read! The folks who embrace the BecomeanEX program and listen to those who have quit before them become the 6%ers for those who follow. 

Study: Medications Alone Don’t Help Smokers Quit 

You need knowledge, support, and lifestyle change. It's all right here!

Become an EX! You really can!