Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 19, 2017

Sometimes I have felt hope sliding away. I just didn't care much to do the right thing. I asked myself, "What's the point? Nice guys finish last." My mind was filled with pollution. I was an Addict and so what?!

There's something kind of smart aleck about an attitude such as that. An Addict would maybe think it's cool. 

Well, it's a good front for the despair, lack of hope, the laziness underneath!

It's easy to not give a darn. It's also immature!

Real courage, real guts comes from a Life worth living. That's hard work sometimes!

It takes perseverance, responsibility, soul searching to value the Life that was given me. 

That's where Viktor Frankl comes in. 

For those of you who don't know who Viktor Frankl is - he was a Psychoanalyst who came up with a new branch of Existentialism called Logotherapy. Then in 1942 he was taken by the Germans in WWII and thrown into a concentration camp. His wife and parents were taken too and perished. Frankl suffered as much as any human can imagine and  by miracle he survived to tell about it. Frankl lived until 1997. 

When I get down I read Frankl. Who else knows - there's nothing you can come up with that beats it - knows what it means to live - to survive?

Frankl's most well known book is called Man's Search for Meaning. It takes a few hours to read it even if you read slow. 

If you wonder why you should bother caring about life pick up this book. He'll set you straight. 

We all have a responsibility to stop killing ourselves with Sickerettes.

Whatever it takes, however you can, never ever Quit on your Quit! It's about Living in Freedom!