Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 11, 2017

How many of us have laughingly said, "Well, I have to die sooner or later! I might as well go out enjoying myself!" as we lit up another one? "Let's have another Cancer Nail. What the heck?" Black humor, indeed.

But I found this particular Nico-Lie much more difficult to refute in my mind. You see, I quit smoking 6 Days after being diagnosed with COPD - a progressive, incurable, smoking related illness.

Beating the Odds!

So in my mind, "Why shut the barn door after the cows are out?" as we used to say in Kansas. 

But I did Quit and in just 6 Days. 

So how did I defeat the Nico-Lie?

You can't ignore or deny it - it will gnaw at you in it's secret lair deep within your subconscious. You have to look it straight up and call a spade a spade!

You can't fight it! The more you fight with your own personal Nico-Lies the more attention and therefore Power you give to it!

At the time my need to resist it was stronger than my ability to see another way; the fear of not resisting it was stronger than my Faith of having support to walk past it.

I realize that non-resistance is a big challenge but it leads to acceptance which leads to release. I  then had the ability to see the lie pass through my head like just another thought so insignificant that I barely took notice of it!

To me at the time it felt like a sort of surrender - making myself even more vulnerable to the Lie.

But on the contrary, when I took the leap of Faith - accepting that yes, I did have that thought and yet letting it float it's twisted way into and out of my mind just like most of the other 70,000 thoughts of the day - gave me back my Power to determine what is significant in my Life and what I value. This my own most painfully believable Nico-Lie became insignificant.

Truth pierced my Addicted Mind and shined through me! Yes, we will all die sooner or later. Yet we were still commanded to be Stewards of our bodies, minds and souls by our Creator. Defying my Heavenly Father was sinful not enjoyable. {I speak here only for myself - my truth - so take what you like and please leave the rest!)

Not what the heck? What the Heaven!!!


I had better ways to spend my attention! Ways that I chose because I can when I put my mind to it!

Like Thanking the Almighty for showing me the Light of Truth and setting me FREE!