What do you say to Yourself? Listen!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 3, 2017

Do you talk yourself into smoking or do you talk yourself into quitting? We say all kinds of things to ourselves but do we listen? We have 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts a day. Some of these thoughts we deem as important from I like that new sparkling water to it's cloudy today; from I'm happy to be with my Grand Daughters to I probably should put the Christmas Tree up soon. 

From the moment we begin to think of quitting smoking until we join BecomeanEX and then that dread filled day : Our Quit Day and for the first few Weeks following we have lots and lots of thoughts related to smoking and quitting.

So here's the question - 

Are you talking yourself into smoking or are you talking yourself into Quitting? Are you listening? Are you hooking into this idea of quitting with both fists? Are you selling yourself on the Fact, yes, I said Fact, that this is the BEST Idea you have Ever had? Have you made every effort to convince Yourself that You Can Do This? Have you been listening?

You know all of that time you spent smoking? 2 hours and up every single Day! Have you told yourself that a small portion - less than half - of that time can be spent here with Folks who will help you get what you think (sometimes) that you want - to Quit Smoking. We can educate, present alternatives, give support, help you deal but only if and when you come here and share your Quit Journey with us!

Are you listening?