Gratitude List

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 30, 2017

Folks who have depression know that in the middle of the goo just thinking of one thing to be grateful for becomes incredibly difficult. That's the funk of the mind. 

My cousin was murdered the day before Thanksgiving so that wonderful Holiday that reminds us to count our blessings right before we get into the Christmas wish lists didn't happen for me this Year. Instead I went through the shock, pain, dismay, overwhelming confusion of realizing that Angelica is gone to a better place. I suppose some day I will be grateful that she no longer suffers but right now it's too soon. 

I am grateful, though!

I am grateful to the Lord, grateful that there is a Lord! Grateful for His pure and unconditional LOVE and gift of Life! Grateful for His mercy and forgiveness which never ceases!

I am grateful for as many of you pointed out my Family - my Wife, my Sons, their Wives, my precious Grand Daughters who know no violence in any way - only love poured on more love!

I am grateful for my Home, my car, my job, my ability to work!

I'm grateful like never before for what does work right in my body - what a miracle the human body is! I'm grateful for life - for my Life - for living.

I'm grateful for the miracle of modern medicine - with all of it's flaws it still does a darn good job of helping me get through each day - rough around the edges but alive and breathing - to some extent.

And I'm grateful for my EX Community who know just the right things to love and support me when I'm too weak and tired and frustrated and disappointed and well, depressed to love and support myself! Thank You! Every single one of you makes me a better person just knowing that you are there for me! I owe you my everlasting Thanks!

I am grateful!