Normalizing Nicotine Addiction

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Yes, making us Addicts for Life - that has been, continues to be and will always be the goal of Big Tobacco!


We know that - used alongside counseling about Nicotine Addiction the use of NRTs can be one tool to help us become Smoke FREE! But we cannot rely on NRTs to"quit" for us! They weren't/aren't designed for that! They are designed by Tobacco Companies to take our money for LIFE! That's the manufacturer's goal! Never forget it!


"Tobacco companies put out these (NRT) products as a way to sidestep policies, by giving people a way to 'smoke without smoking'. It would be interesting to see in the next 10 years if the companies come up with nicotine water, inhalers, gum, edible products - these are all on their agenda," Dorie Apollonio, associate professor in clinical pharmacy and lead author of a recent study, was quoted as saying.


Clinical trials show that NRTs can help people quit smoking, but only if used in conjunction with counseling and in tapering doses. 


Tobacco Companies have no incentive for you to Quit Smoking! Their goal is to keep you Addicted one way or another!


Cigarette makers had started investing in alternative forms of Nicotine delivery in the 1950s, but stopped because people thought Nicotine was harmful, and they didn't want to attract the attention of the FDA .


In 1987, three years after the FDA first approved Nicotine gum as a quitting aid, public perception toward Nicotine had become more positive.


By 1992, Big Tobacco knew that patches and gum by themselves do not help smokers quit.


When the FDA started regulating cigarettes in 2009, tobacco corporations went all out to develop and sell NRTs.


Tobacco Companies conjectured that their new Nicotine products could successfully compete with pharmaceuticals such as Chantix and they set the goal of gaining market control of all products containing Nicotine.


Big Tobacco's goals have not changed: Find a way to keep You and Me Nicotine Addicts for Life no matter what the cost to Us, to our Families, to Society. Keep us hooked and rake in the dough!


Determining that NRTs may normalize lifelong nicotine addiction, the authors of the study urged that the FDA consider regulating the ways in which NRTs  are being marketed and its over-the-counter availability.

Study shows cigarette makers shifted stance on nicotine patches, gum 


If you're using NRTs, please ensure that you are also working your Quit - with Counseling!


Never Forget: The BEST Tool in your Quit Box is right between your Ears!