What a Difference!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on May 11, 2017

I remember my first 100 Days being a Big Challenge and lasting what seemed like an eternity! Each day was a struggle, first with physical withdrawal, then with emotional withdrawal, and all that entails including creating a New Normal for me! Lots of effort, lots of hard work!

Nine days ago I passed 2600 and didn't even notice! It came and went - another normal day with stress, yes, but the normal stress of living. No anxiety, no depression, less breathing problems, no coughing, just Quality Life! My mind is Free to focus on my Family, my work, my Friends, ME! I can be the Best Thomas I decide to be - all without Addiction!

I do put in a little effort - I remind myself of what I have and where I came from with gratitude! All that hard work was so worth it!

Life is AMAZING Smoke FREE! 2609 DOF and stacking them together one day at a time!

It's that simple!