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Knee Mail Answers

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Apr 25, 2017

We have all been waiting for answers to my CT Scan last Thursday and finally have some news!


All results were Normal!


Thank You all for your prayers and messages of support!

I think of Fannie and how she missed out on Grandchildren while I will still enjoy Miss Penny and the little one on the way in September!

I am so grateful and when Penny gets here (in about half an Hour) I may have to watch myself not to hug her too tightly!

I've had a few close calls and when I get to the other side it's as if the colors of LIFE are brighter! I no longer need to hide from myself with the Smoke Cloud of Addiction!

Folks, if you haven't Quit - do it! If you have Quit do everything in your ability to protect your Quit!

Your Life depends on it!



The Play Ground Bully!

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Apr 25, 2017

OK. These days it's probably FB but we older folks didn't live that - we suffered and some found solutions to the play ground bully.


As long as you feed your Addiction, Mr. Nick acts like he's your Best Friend! But just try to leave him!!! He turns into a mean bully!


So how do we treat bullies?

Whenever possible you walk away!

If he insists on following you, You can turn around and calmly but firmly say "STOP!"

Keep your COOL!

Show no Fear, Anger, or lack of confidence.

Don't fight back!


The more you can ignore the bully and hang with your EXer friends the less Nick will bug you and he sure has no chance to get to you! You don't have to face him alone!


Stop the bullying! Together we can!