A Fresh Start!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 28, 2017

This last Month I was being systematically harassed at work. But I came to this job to get away from stress and I have learned a lot about stress management. The most basic thing I learned is to stay in the moment!


That training which took some time made it possible for me to first recognize what was happening to me. I also learned that this person's opinion of me is none of my business but that I have a right to work in Peace! So I honestly don't care why they chose to hassle me but guess what - I put a stop to it!


Did I yell, argue, defend? NO! I quietly dismissed this person's comments in the moment and then reported them for harassment. Now, I know that in their mind I am the person who stressed them out but that's OK! I know how it went down and I know that my boss agrees with me. I gave her concrete examples of things said and done that were unequivicol - in writing.


Now, I could walk around still feeling hurt and vulnerable or I can put this whole messy thing behind me. We will still have to work closely together about once a week. I will be fine! That is the strength of stress management.


Now, Sickerettes are bullies! That relentlessly explode your brain with thoughts throwing temper tantrums and attacking you and yourself-esteem until you give in!


But you don't have to be a victim! You can bring in the heavy guns - US! We will help straighten out that twisted thinking caused by addiction! We will see for what it is all the lies and deceptions and we will call them out!


You could walk around feeling hurt and vulnerable or you can put the whole messy thing behind you! That is the strength of stress management!


Stay in the moment! This isn't about the past! This is about right now! The future is simply a series of nows so keep stacking those moments into days, those days into weeks, those weeks into Months! Those Months into Years of