Stuff Happens

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 21, 2017

Most if not all of us had been smoking longer than we can remember and we started just young folks not well versed in Life. Smoking like any Addiction arrests our maturation and leaves us in some emotional ways stunted.


It's not surprising that when we Quit Smoking which is a major process in our Lives we can't tell what parts of junk that happens in our lives belongs to our Quit Journey or if it's just Life itself being emotionally faced full on for the first time in our Lives!


One of the many Blessings of Quitting Smoking is Living Life on Life's Terms! The good, the bad and the ugly!


Before I quit whatever happened I would smoke up a storm thinking that it made me better, made the situation better, helped me to stay calm in a crisis. The truth is it didn't help at all! Between Nicotine Fits I still faced the same problem - I just smoked it into procrastination! It had to drive my poor Wife crazy! By the time I landed she had made everything better - not the Sickerette! But guess what got the credit?


After 7 Years, I have moments that suck. (I try not to let them blow up into days in my mind) But that really is Life. It's not the Sickerette's fault. It's not the withdrawal's fault. It's not the Recovery's fault. Some stuff isn't anybody or anything's fault - it's Life! Now I finally get what my Wife was saying that I couldn't hear!


Give Recovery a chance, give yourself a chance, give LIFE a chance!

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