Week One ( Hell Week) Over

Blog Post created by ThinBlueLine on Nov 23, 2020

I made it through week 1 known as "Hell Week". I must admit the it was tough. Days one through three I was snappy and irritable and had sweats. On day four through 7 the mental game started. Its still going on today...... I was moody and felt like I was in a fog and walking with cement blocks for shoes. The mental withdrawals are tough but seem to be getting shorter as time goes by..... At first I seemed to focus on what comes up next almost to the point that if I did not have the same symptoms or feelings I would think them into existence. Its weird but I guess some people feel that if they don't have the same issues at another then something is not going right. I spoke to my wonderful wife and she noticed that I was focusing on all the negative stuff that happens when you quit. She stated that its good to know what can happen but when you focus on it you can make yourselves miserable waiting for it to happen. After thinking about her comment I must agree. The mind is a very powerful force to be recon with. I decided to put things to the test. I am going to begin each day with a very positive attitude and stay focused on the positive things about my quit and not on how miserable I feel because of my quit. I know that we must be prepared for what's to come but also feel that we must stay positive on all we have to come......the good and the bad. 

I hope everyone understands that I am not saying everyday is gonna be a bed of roses for me, but feel that I can at least get through the days ahead knowing that I can do it. If we realize that the negative will come but over come that negative with positive thought and reminding ourselves of the positive reasons we began our journeys we can stay the course easier. 

Just thinking out loud.


Thanks for allowing me this place to speak my thoughts. I can only pray that it helps the next person that deals with their quit........